There is an admission for WORLD PRESCHOOL for children 4-6 years old aiming to participate in the preparation for studying


Curriculum: Cambridge Primary programme + Ukrainian language.

The main aim of this curriculum is: create the conditions in which our children gain a positive learning experience. Young students learn the foundational knowledge concepts and skills, which are necessary for future successful studies at WORLD SCHOOL.

Curriculum advantages:

  • English as a communication language,
  • international standards,
  • accent on critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Practical Arithmetic and Logic,
  • basis for reading and writing (English and Ukrainian),
  • Languages are integrated into the studying process (Cambridge Primary is is carried out in English),
  • Technology and Communication,
  • Natural Sciences and World Phenomena,
  • Art and Music,
  • Physical Education and in class Mobility
  • adaptability (smooth transition to new learning conditions),
  • autonomy (the ability to regulate his/her own time, to keep an eye on our own things, to be responsible for our actions,
  • the ability to concentrate and gain a positive learning experience,
  • creation of friendly and productive relationships with other school students and teachers,
  • the ability to solve conflicts and protect yourself,
  • finding new interests through game teaching activities, creative tasks and projects
  • self-esteem and reflection,
  • the ability to use our knowledge in standard and non-standard situations.
  • to identify students abilities and to determine individual teaching strategies for students,
  • to provide students with direct access to real objects, places, people and events
  • to organize our teaching process and space for studying, which are designed to encourage students for the mastery of new knowledge,
  • to fix students’ progress and to motivate them for further achievements,
  • to prevent potential obstacles in the future,
  • close cooperation with parents.

How does the assessment take place?

In WORLD SCHOOL, the assessment of students is based on the principle of “marks for learning, not simply for the sake of studying”. The primary goal of the assessment is to motivate our students for self-development and the achievement of their goals, and to focus on their progress. At our school, the assessment process is comprehensive, purposeful and occurs without the comparison of students.

The assessment system includes:

  • work with a mentor to set individual learning goals for each student,
  • comprehensive focus on student progress,
  • the student’s ability to self-assess their obtained results,
  • individual and team WS points,
  • interactive tests and quests on different subjects,
  • feedback sessions with the student and his/her parents.

Full-day programme of WORLD SCHOOL (8:00 am-7:00 pm):

  • attending of all the sets of classes from 8:00 am till 2:00 pm,
  • attending of WORLD SCHOOL HUB (Afterschool) from 2:00 pm till 7:00 pm:
    • individual work with a tutor,
    • everyday English
    • “Think like a mathematician” club
    • group activities and projects,
    • homework,
    • physical activities and walks
  • supplementary materials,
  • lunch, snacks throughout the day, dinner.

Step-by-step admission process:

  1. online school appointment registration,
  2. appointment-acquaintance with school representatives and completion of the application for admission,
  3. the signing of the contract and payment of the admission fee,
  4. preparation of necessary documents for admission,
  5. meeting with a mentor,
  6. choosing payment schedule for studying,
  7. enrollment for the upcoming academic year.